Many business owners suffer through the loss of themselves and their families because their businesses take over their lives.  Our goal is to bring the vision of the artist/entrepreneur into the "Beautiful Outcome" they dream of.  We have consulted 100’s of now successful studios, equipping them with the tools they needed to grow their dream business.  We will walk with you through the transformational process of closing the gap that separates the current reality and the "Beautiful Outcome" you envision.  Our goal is to open possibilities where individuals and small businesses think there are none.  We engage our clients in the critical conversations that breakaway the limitations of the past, freeing them to explore new horizons for their life and business in the future.

The process begins with an assessment of each business owners current reality, both at home and at work.  We first assess the amount of hours they can contribute to the business while offer themselves to their most important relationships at home.  From there, we build a financial plan including both sales goals and an expense budget that will begin to bring about their desired future.  Most clients choose 4 quarterly Skype meetings with Julia where together they will work to assess what is wanted and needed.  As they leave that appointment they are equipped with action steps and new ideas to implement as they prepare for the next meeting. Together we will move step by step towards their Beautiful Outcome.  

Does this sound like what you need?  Email me to begin the conversation to step towards Your Beautiful Outcome.


As a transformational coach, I come along side of individuals and support them as they honestly look at their current reality and step into commitments that will carry them towards their vision of living life fully alive.

During twelve weeks of weekly phone appointments, we will work through material that is helpful in exposing a lot of the things within you that are limiting you from stepping into your greatest potential.

As people, we allow our experiences from our past to tell us about what to expect in our future.  Many times those experiences greatly limit what could be possible and then we begin to experience cycles of repeating our past experiences.  Our mind is like a computer and it is programs through these experiences and then exposed through our language.  As a coach, I am trained to listen to your language and to push into areas that might be limiting you.  I will support you as you break through and begin to show up in life in the way you desire.

If you are ready to begin your own life of transformation and experience your own personal Beautiful Outcome, email me and we will begin the journey.