What Would You Do With The Gift of Time?

"How did it get so late so soon? It’s night before it’s afternoon. December is here before it’s June. My goodness, how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?"  - Dr. Seuss

Is your greatest gift wish this year to have more time? We live in a world where “there isn’t enough time” is one of the most common complaints we have.  Why is that?

When we choose to recognize that we are making the best choice we see available to us, according to how life occurs to us, what would make “not having enough time” our best choice?

The games of denial we play can be so subtle that we aren’t even aware we are playing them.

We find blaming someone or something to be the quickest and easiest way out of the uncomfortable conversation that we don’t want to have with ourselves. Time is that innocent bystander that easily accepts our blame and doesn’t talk back or tell us it isn’t his fault.

I know for myself, when I shift the blame off myself and the choices I'm making, it becomes easy to avoid getting curious about why I am saying yes to the things I am, or more importantly, why I am not saying no.

It is said, "we need to say no to the things in our life that are good so we can say yes to the things that are great."

I find it easy to know that in my heart, but to carry it out in my day-to-day actions is a little harder to navigate.

The times when I most feel victim to time has been when I am in an internal conflict over knowing something isn’t working, but I do not know how to fix it.  I then choose busyness to avoid what I don’t want to face.  

In those moments, I say yes to a lot of things that aren’t taking me towards my vision so that I don’t have to be quiet with the difficult conversations of my heart.  I then get to complain about how busy I am and how I don’t have enough time to get everything done.  People offer me sympathy and tell me how amazing I am that I can do so much.  I accept that momentary pill of praise and hope it will numb the aching in my soul for the bigger story my life is longing to create.

I am so grateful that each day holds a portion of time and I get to choose how I want to apply it to my life.  As I recognize it is a gift that I get to receive, I value it in a new way.

I get to be with my heart and the longings it offers me to connect, and love the people that matter to me.  As I face working to provide financial resources for our family, taking care of day-to-day needs like food and shelter, being present in a way that creates impact in the lives of the people I do life with, and creating value and meaning in my life, I come up against challenges.  However, when I choose to face those challenges, rather than run from them, they are what offers me the opportunity to grow and continually move towards my bigger story.  

As I realize time is my friend and not my enemy, I am grateful that it offers me the space I need to live my bigger story and impact the people that matter to me most when I choose to live in honesty with myself.

As you prepare to celebrate this holiday season, what do you want to say no to?  What really matters to you and how can you say yes to it?  

Let’s inspire each other by sharing in the comments below one way you are going to be present and create impact with the people that matter most...