Fighting For Freedom in 3 Easy Steps

Nearly two hundred and fifty years ago John Adams said to his wife, succeeding Generations, will celebrate our nation’s independence and that celebration should include “Pomp and Parade...Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other.”

That is quite a call to celebrate., yet many Americans found themselves celebrating something they hadn’t originally realized they wanted and needed. After the French and Indian War, life was returning to “normal” for most farmers, shop owners, and citizens. However, a few colonist were alarmed by the growing taxation Parliament (England’s government) was requiring on sugar, stamps, and tea. This handful of discontented citizens thought about the future, our future. When would the increases end? How would their dreams for the future become reality, if this rise of taxation continued? They thought about their children and their grandchildren. What would life be like in 5, 10, and 25 years if nothing changed? They could not longer sit in indifference and hope for the best, it was time to wage war and fight back against the adversity that was threatening a future worth having. Their passion was so compelling it brought the nation together to fight for freedom.

When the first July 4th was celebrated in 1776, the war had been going on for over a year. Husbands and sons were lost, homes were destroyed, jobs were forfeited, and huge amounts of money had been spent to gain this victory. Yet they celebrated?!? How could they celebrate surrounded by so much loss?

The decree of festivities that John Adams recommended gives glimpse to the jubilation they felt in their hearts amidst the deep loss they had suffered, because despite the loss they knew they had stood in the face of fear and triumphed over evil. They believed in a better future and were willing to give everything they had to stand for it. Their commitment to a life worth having paid off and we continue to celebrate and experience the benefits of their courage and the freedom they gave their lives for over 8 generations ago.

What I want to offer you is far more than a history lesson. Each of us are faced with the same opportunities that our forefathers had. While we may not be under British rule and facing huge taxation, we do daily face the opportunity to settle into indifference and hope for the best in many areas of our lives.

It is easy to assume that the difficulties you face at home and work are normal. But what obstacles are you choosing to ignore?

  • In your marriages - how long have you been having the same arguments and seemingly getting nowhere but more frustrated?

  • In your business - how long have you been hoping that you will eventually stop having to work so many hours - yet you keep working more?

  • In your finances - how long have you been hoping to pay off your debt and increase your saving yet another year passes with little progress?

  • In your health - how long have you been wanting to eat healthier and see changes in your body, yet your clothes are getting tighter?

While these may seem like “ordinary” challenges, when was the last time you stopped and thought about what life will be like in 5, 10, and 25 years if nothing changes. If you waged war on these challenges and started taking steps towards the life you want, how would it impact your children and grandchildren?

Many of you are facing challenges that the generations before you choose not to fight against, but rather turned a blind eye and hoped for the best. Maybe your family history includes divorce, financial ruin, absent parents, poor health, or failed business and you want so much more for your children and the generations to come. Are you the generation that will stand up and say no more? If not you, who will?

While the thought of waging war in our lives for a future worth having can bring up a lot of fear and awareness of what price we might pay as we fight this battle, what could occur if you put your sights on the celebration that would come when you win the war?

Nearly two hundred and fifty years later the skies light up in celebrating as a reminder of the incredible freedom we have because some seemingly insignificant people looked into the future and saw the possibility of what we get to experience today.

What battle is facing you today? What obstacles are in front of you that have you longing for a change? Remember Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Here are 3 simple steps to start battling the obstacles in your life:

  1. Consider Reality - if nothing changes where will you be in the future? Consider your children and your grandchildren, what will life be like for them if you continue on the same path? Choose one area in your life that you want to experience freedom and articulate in writing what reality will be for you and those around you in five years from now if nothing changes?
  2. Clarify Your Vision - if the life you are living now isn’t what you want - what do you want? Our forefathers thought of the joy we would experience if we could govern ourselves and not have to give into England’s taxation. Take the area in your life that you want to experience freedom in and write down specifics of what you would experience if that freedom was yours. What would life look like for you and those you love?
  3. What is Wanted and Needed - As you think about reality and what is possible, what is the first thing you know you need to change? Write it down. Don’t overcomplicate it, the step may seem too simple to make much difference, but don’t question it, just write it down. Once you complete that step, ask yourself again, what is wanted and needed now?

As you continue to in this process of considering reality, clarifying your vision, and living in the question of what is wanted and needed you will move towards a future worth having one choice at a time. You will interrupt your current insanity by kicking at indifference until it bleeds life. This is what a life of Transformation is all about.

The true joy of celebrating freedom can only come after the war has been fought, the sacrifice has been made, and the victory has been won!  I invite you to consider what joyous celebration is waiting for you and the generations that follow you as you stand for the legacy that only you can create?

Julia WoodsComment