4 Keys to Creating Lasting Impact

My heart is full as we travel home from three days at SYNC, a senior photography conference hosted by Darty & Michelle Hines.  It was a wonderful breath of fresh air and a rare find in the current trend of educational opportunities. As I ponder the gift of all my experiences, I realize the significance of what the Hineses and their team accomplished in welcoming over 500 people and allowing us to feel like we had come home for a family gathering. 

The four key things that stood out to me are the very things that make any relationship open up and experience life-producing results. So, while you may not have attended SYNC, this review can be a blueprint of what it takes for you to create an environment of connection and vulnerability for any group of people you want to impact.

Key 1: Comfort - From the moment I stepped into the foyer of the conference location, it felt completely comfortable.  There were all these inviting places to mingle, like high-top tables surrounded by comfortable chairs, couches with pillows arranged around coffee tables which held burning candles, and cute, little details throughout the whole lobby which was large enough for the entire crowd to be comfortable. As I made my way towards the conference room, I felt at ease and comfortable enough to let go.

Key 2: Vulnerability - The comfort of that lobby led us to the conference room, where we were offered insight and inspiration from one speaker after another, each of whom felt the freedom to share what was real for them without fear of judgment. As a speaker at the event myself, I recognize that the way Darty was with us invited us to be ourselves. He had created the theme “Look Beyond” for the event and encouraged us to share what we felt would be most impacting within that theme. He valued and trusted the gift that he saw in each of us and drew it from us.

Key 3: Authenticity - As the comfort of the space and the vulnerability of the speakers led the way, the attendees offered their authenticity. I loved reconnecting with fellow colleagues I hadn’t seen for a while and, at the same time, meeting many new ones. Each conversation was so refreshing and life-offering, as each of us opened up about the reality of our current challenges and our excitement about the future. There was no hiding or the usual, surface-type chit-chat; it was real, honest, and so inspiring to be human together in our challenges to create results at home and work.

Key 4: Humility - The rarest gift of all, and the one that made all the others possible, was the lack of ego in the people present. Typically, in a gathering of colleagues such as this, there is an underlying sense that we are actually competitors. In that mindset, ego tends to transcend the opportunity to connect. At SYNC, humility was in the air and brought with it the gifts of connection and transparency which made me appreciate being in a room full of people who felt like friends and family. I heard many times in passing the statement, “This is such a rare group.” 

Yes, it was, and I feel so richly blessed to have been a part of it. Thank you, Darty and Michelle, for paving the way for this incredible experience. The impact you created will be far-reaching.

If you are a photographer and would love to be a part of an event like the one I described, check out SYNC. (They are currently taking registrations for 2018.)

For those like me, who want to increase the impact you create at home and work, which of these four keys seems the most challenging to invite into your community? (Please share in the comments below.)

The most exciting news of all is the connection we long for is available, one small, simple shift at a time. What small shift can you make today?