Do You Miss Your Sense of Wonder?

“I am waking up every morning curious about what adventures my day might hold,” were the words my sister spoke that brought exuberant joy to my heart.  She hadn’t realized she had lost her sense of wonder amongst the busyness of life and the limiting stories she had been unknowingly telling herself.

If you are wondering how she found what she hadn’t realized was lost, well, I can’t wait to tell you because it includes Disney and transformation, two of my favorite things to talk about!!

My sister has had a dream her whole life to go to Disney World. She had made up a story around her desires, believing they weren’t possible or at least not until things changed with their finances. She and my brother-in-law have been investing in their personal transformation and interrupting the limiting stories they tell themselves, but they hadn’t realized what was hidden in this area of desires and wonderment.

Ten days ago, I realized I had a couple of nights at a Walt Disney World hotel that were going to expire.  My family couldn’t use them, so I decided to contact my brother-in-law. He and I talked about the possibility of him surprising his family with a trip to Disney on Valentine’s Day. We both got very excited, and he said he was going to make it happen.

When next I talked to him, I couldn’t stop smiling as he told me the many times during our conversation that he chose to interrupt old stories that threatened to make this possibility impossible.  Here are a few of the limitations he wrestled with:

  • When I called, he was viewing a house they wanted to buy and would put an offer on the following day
  • His wife had a big meeting at work that she would need to miss, and he didn’t believe she would be able to get the time off.
  • He didn’t know who would take care of their pets while they were away.
  • Dollar signs kept flashing in front of his eyes the whole time, as he feared it would require huge amounts of money they didn’t have.

He shared with me that, as each of these thoughts came, he asked himself, “Is that true?” While each of them seemed true, he realized these were similar thoughts he had entertained for years about other opportunities he had shut down. He recognized if he gave into them his family would suffer as a result of his limited thinking, so he decided to interrupt them by testing them to see if they were true.

As he pressed forward, taking one step at a time, solutions and provision opened up that he never thought possible, such as:

  • The house situation fell through as they learned about some undesirable issues with the house.
  • He called his wife’s boss and, much to his surprise, she gave full clearance for my sister to take time off.
  • He called a few friends, and pet care was easily covered.
  • Some unexpected money showed up that covered their tickets into Walt Disney World Park.

He told my sister he had a surprise for her and requested that she not ask questions. Her transformation showed itself in that she honored his request. Having no idea where they were going, she drove for about an hour and then began to feel tired. They switched seats and she fell asleep. Her husband woke her and the kids the next morning as they drove past the sign entering Walt Disney World Resort.

She cried tears of joy throughout the day walking through the park as she was amazed at the gift of who her husband is becoming and how her dreams to go to Walt Disney World were much closer than she had ever imagined.

During their magical two-and-a-half days, she noticed the many stories she had been telling herself that were not true and how so much more is becoming possible as she chooses to interrupt them.

You see, our beliefs produce our thoughts, which produce our feelings, which produce our actions, which create our current reality.

If we want to change our current reality, we begin by becoming aware of our beliefs.

It may shock you to know that my sister believed throughout her ten years of marriage that her husband wasn’t capable planning surprises she would love. Yet, he was the mastermind behind this elaborate wonderment. Her stories had been wrong, and she is so grateful she is finding the truth.

It is truly amazing what people are capable of when we don’t decide they are not.

As they returned to normal life, you can understand how my sister found her sense of wonder and is now living in it each day. Wonderment is a gift for all ages if we allow it to be.

If you realize you have misplaced yours, it doesn’t require a trip to Disney and an elaborate surprise by your spouse. It simply requires you get honest about possibilities you are shutting down by investigating your thoughts in the areas you wish were different.

As you read this, what longings do you realize you have been shutting down as you act upon your hidden, limiting beliefs?  Please share in the comments below.