Curiosity Scares Me

Today, during a conversation with a friend, I was encouraging her to get curious about her vision.  

I was shocked when she replied, “Curiosity scares me.”

Curiosity has become like a close friend to me that I find so helpful, so we chose to get curious about why curiosity scared her.  As I listened, I could totally resonate with where she was at.

She said, “Curiosity is unknown and structure feels much safer.”  

Oh, I so relate to that!  Do you?

I recognize that I spent so much of my life building as much structure as possible so that I could feel in control.  

As a photographer, I have the opportunity to create something beautiful every time I pick up my camera, but because of a fear of the unknown and the pressure of having one chance to capture the moment, I created a "rinse & repeat" process to make me feel safe in a known structure.

To a certain level, that worked for me.  It created amazing results financially as I was able to streamline a system, cut costs, create a predictable level of service and experience for my clients, and keep my staff working well together.  Those are all important to the success of a business.

But I now wonder how much of my motivation in building that structure was actually about being scared of getting curious with the unknown?

But friends, the unknown is required to create. 

Creation is the process of creating something that hasn’t existed before. It is entering the unknown, and not knowing what the outcome will be.  It comes from the depth of who we are, and it brings us to the place where the edge of us stands at the edge of the unknown, and we get to decide if we want to step in or not.

The fear, anxiety, and uncertainty that I get to be with in those moments can cause me to want to run and hide, but I am learning that the very fact I am feeling them tells me I am onto something, and whether it succeeds or fails isn’t what matters.  What awaits me is the opportunity to grow and expand and offer something that is bigger than me to the world.

If I can stand in the discomfort and own my emotions, rather than letting them own me, I am transformed, and new things become possible.  

The opportunity for this creation process exists in the art I create, the uncomfortable places I choose to enter in my relationships, my journey of self-discovery, and learning to listen to my heart. 

When I commit to a future of staying curious in the unknown where new results are available, creation invites me to be brave and enter the possibility of creating unprecedented results.

'Til now, does curiosity scare you?

What area are you being asked to create in today?

We'd love to hear from you!  Feel free to comment here on the blog, on social media, or email me directly if you like!