Giving Yourself the Gift of Freedom by: Tori Bradford

Freedom is many things...powerful, life giving, costly, often taken for granted, available.  For me, freedom is essential. It is the foundation of life.  It is why we wake up in the morning and why we do what we do.  Whether you experience freedom in your own life or you have the “hope” of’s essential to our lives.

I began my own transformation journey about 8 years ago.  I was in a low point... my husband and I had lost everything financially including our rental properties, a business, our vehicles, and even our home.  We still had each other, but even that I was starting to doubt. I was in the midst of feeling sorry for myself when I began to realize how much bondage I was in.... it felt like I would never get out.

I'll never forget the sinking feeling I felt in my gut as I would try to look towards the future...there was nothing out was barren. 

I was at a point where I couldn’t think past what had occurred in our lives.  I wanted to blame anyone and everyone that had even the smallest part to play.  Life was miserable and it was because of my circumstances.  At least that’s what I told myself.

Enter the seeds of transformation.

Thanks to some honest feedback I received from my sister, I began to get curious about the emotions I was experiencing, and I started to recognize that my life was not at all what I was telling myself it was.  What I viewed as fact was not actually fact at was my perception.  And my perception was what was keeping me in bondage.  I was choosing to view my life as a certain way and choosing to blame all of the people I thought were responsible for why I was where I was.  

How I chose to view the world, and the people in it, were the bars that held me in my prison cell of contempt, anger, bitterness, judgement, sadness, desperation, and hopelessness.  Those bars that I thought were forced on me were actually there by my own doing.

“The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress” - Fredrick Douglass  

I was my own tyrant.  I gave myself over to blame and feeling sorry for myself and that kept me in a nice little prison cell.  Sure, some crappy stuff had happened in life, and sure, the future looked a little bleak and very financially unstable, but the bondage I was experiencing started and ended in my own head.  

It wasn’t until I allowed the “hope” of freedom to speak to me that I finally chose to walk in it.  

Friends, what does your prison cell look like?  What bars are keeping you in? Is it possible that you are the one guarding your own cell?

Freedom is essential to life.  Well actually freedom is essential to LIVING life.

Life is out there to be lived.  You don't have to live behind the bars of shame, desperation, or hate….no one else put you there.  You have the power to lower the bars and walk into freedom.  

If you are feeling "stuck", desperate, or hopeless begin to look inside yourself and get curious about what is actually occurring for you underneath it all...ask a trusted friend or confidant for some feedback...begin to search for the answers.  

Freedom will be found in the midst of transformation!