The Freedom of Knowing Where You're Going

"The only thing worse than being blind is having sight and no vision."  - Helen Keller


What is the first step we need to take when we decide you want to go somewhere?  

We need, to begin with where we want to go or the destination.  

It seems so simple and un-profound, yet I am shocked at how often I try to go somewhere only to find myself spinning in circles.  When I stop and think about how I got there I realize I hadn't gotten clear at the beginning about where I wanted to go or where I wanted my destination to be.

This month, my husband and I find ourselves as empty nesters because our two youngest daughters have left for camps and then are spending time with friends and family.  The first 36 hours they were gone, we were agitated and a bit annoyed with each other.  As we talked about it, we both realize we had hopes and expectations about what this month would look like, but we hadn’t gotten clarity as individuals nor as a couple.  We hadn’t created the vision.  

We stopped and took about 5 minutes to answer the following question:

"When we pick our girls up from the airport in 4 weeks what do we want to have experienced while they were gone?"

As we shared our answers with each other, we were blown away at how similar our desires for this time were.   We then took that information and created a united vision.  

I'm excited to share that it has been three days since we created our united vision and there has been no agitation or annoyance.  Instead we are experiencing fun, love, and laughter.  We feel like newlyweds again!  (We do miss our kids, though!) To put it simply, we are doing what we said we wanted to do and loving every minute.

We are seeing that Creativity follows Commitment.  

Where do you need or want clarity?  

What if you asked yourself where you want to end up?  Once you have an answer you can create action steps that will get you there.  

You can apply this to simple things like four weeks away from children or bigger things like your next month in business or in the relationships that matter most to you.

I would love to hear what clarity, vision, and results come as you apply this to your life.  

Please share with your comments below!