"I Didn't Even Know I Was Miserable"

December is a month for gifts.  We think about each person on our list and what would be the best way to let them know we love them through the gift we offer.  

I want to take a minute and ask you to add yourself to your Christmas list this year. 

I don’t mean buying yourself a physical things, like a diamond necklace, a new outfit, or that handy power tool you have been dreaming of.  I am referring to the deepest desires of your heart; the things you don’t like to think about because they bring you to a battle between possibilities and despair.  

What do you desire that you can’t pick up on the store shelf or buy online?  

Do you desire to go to your next level in:

  • your relationships
  • transforming conflict into new opportunities
  • your ability to be present both at home and work
  • effectively being with your team in a way that is rewarding for everyone
  • your clientele
  • your sales and increasing your bottom line 

These are the gifts we tend to subtly give up on with each failing attempt to gain them. We slowly sink into denial about how much they matter to us.

“We accept a level of despair we think we can tolerate and define it as happiness.”  Soren Kierkegaard

My client, Rebecca, shared this powerful awareness with me yesterday.  She said: 

“I was so lost, sad, alone, and I was unaware of how miserable I really was. I was fighting so hard for my life and business and yet all my attempts were just producing more death around me.”

Can you relate to her? I know I can, as that is where I found myself before choosing to step into transformation.

As Rebecca is choosing transformation, she is unwrapping the life she longs for by:

  1. creating a clear vision
  2. living intentionally choosing what she wants
  3. being willing to own how she gets in her own way

The gifts of the life she longs for at home and work are becoming her reality.

A few of the gifts she is unwrapping are:

  • a vulnerable and present relationship with her husband of ten years
  • the ability to be present with her heart and pursue what matters to her
  • working a lot less but producing the similar financial results
  • transforming her pain around infertility into powerfully standing with others
  • a formerly impossible pregnancy becoming her reality after five years of trying

The best gifts this life has to offer can’t be bought.  

What about you?

What are you longing for?  

Will you pursue the gifts your heart desires?  

I want to encourage you that it all begins by allowing yourself to get clear about what you want.  Go to the uncomfortable places in your heart, find your longings and deep desires, and just be with them.  Be fully honest about what they are, and in that honesty, you will be taking your first step towards getting clear about your vision.  

A famous Hebrew saying establishes: “Without a vision, we die.”  

What is one thing you long for in your life at home or at work?  

Please share in the comments below.