The Gift of Receiving

"It is in giving that you receive, and receiving that you give."

Have you ever wondered why it seems easier to offer a gift than to receive?  

I have had a lot of challenges with receiving gifts in the past.  I have many memories of the uncomfortable feelings that came with Christmas.

Things like:

  • Being given a gift from someone that I didn’t buy a gift for
  • Getting a gift that I didn’t like
  • Being given a gift from my husband that we didn't have the money to pay for

Each of these experiences left me feeling uncomfortable inside.  Even though I took the gift, I didn't receive it.  My insides were resisting as I worked through the guilt, shame, lack of worthiness I felt, and disappointment.

I wanted to turn off all those annoying voices running through my head and just be present in the moment allowing myself to be happy and excited about the gift.

I am so grateful that I am learning that the volume on those voices can be turned down.  The more I transform and experience wholeness, the less my pride gets in the way.  

My pride likes to get me thinking about myself and how I feel.  If I feel bad, then it encourages me to believe that those feelings must be true and then my shame shifts the story and tells me I am bad.  Unfortunately, even though it is negative thoughts, I am still making it all about me when I choose to do that.  I am choosing to be self-centered.

The gift of receiving is an opportunity to be humble.  Unlike pride, humility invites me to realize that receiving a gift is actually about the person offering it.  As I receive what is offered, I get to experience the giver's love, value, and desires for me. When I keep my focus off of myself and am present with what is occurring for them, I get to learn, grow, and receive the gift of them.  

It becomes a beautiful moment that we get to experience together.  Our lives are enriched as I allow the gift to be a token of who they are and how they feel about me.

The more I am learning to receive, the more I shift my scarcity mindset to one of abundance.  I can see how much life offers me as I connect with the love behind the gift rather than the gift itself.

I would like to invite you this Christmas season to receive the gifts that are given to you.  Whether it be a compliment, a helping hand, a gift, or a hug; allow yourself to look into the eyes of the giver and receive the deeper gift of who they are and the value they want to express to you.

Would you share with us the gift you allowed yourself to receive this Christmas in the comments section below?