The Power of A Life

I'd like to say, "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" to these powerful people who have impacted me in a life changing way through there involvement in the video below.  

  • Jill (COURAGEOUS woman with a beautiful story)
  • Sue (PASSIONATE photographer with an amazing talent and heart) 
  • Hailey ("REAL LIFE" EVOKING cinematographer with an incredible ability) 
  • Digby (INSPIRING editor with a gifted at drawing me into a life changing message) 

The message that is being cultivated deep into the soil of my heart is over the last few weeks is the power of each life and the gift of every day we are given to be powerful.   As tears streamed down my cheeks yesterday while watching this video, I saw the message come to life as each person involved in this project, showed up powerfully!  It brought the message I have been feeling into a real life example that I could see and feel with my heart.  It moved me not to waste another moment of my life.  

I am powerful, and the only thing that changes that is when I decide to give my power away to a thought or person that tries to tell me I am not.  

I am committed to living each day to the fullest, showing up powerful and not limiting what is possible in each opportunity.

I recognize that in walking out this commitment, that the following choices will best support my vision:

  • Love me and others without judgment
  • Do what brings my heart alive (truly alive) - eliminate "have to's." 
  • Live with a wealthy mindset seeing resources all around me - Provision is in the Vision
  • Taking responsibility for myself - trusting others to have the power to take responsibility for themselves.

The fruits I have seen in the last 24 hours since watching this video is I have become ultra sensitive to the conversation in my head, and I am interrupting it. 

It goes something like this - 
"Well, that part of my job doesn't bring my heart alive - but, I have to do that!  Who else is going to do it." 
"Ah - I just said, I have to!"
"No, I don't have to do anything."  
"I am committed to doing what brings my heart alive.  Does that bring my heart alive?  
"Ok, what am I going to do about it?"
....I choose curiosity that leads to resources starting to open up that I hadn't seen before....
"Could I outsource that?"
"Could I stop offering that product line?  Well, that could open up more opportunities to do what I love?"
....excitement begins to fill my heart.... first action step emerges...
"I know what I need to do."
....I then step into the action of letting someone else show up powerful in the opportunity because it does bring their heart alive....
.....My heart experiences life and my courage to interrupt the next conversation grows.

When I only offer myself to what brings my heart I alive, I am powerful and my light shines.

Beauty is the light in the Heart by Sue Bryce

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