Is Your Board of Directors Empowering You?

I used to feel alone in the negative messages that played in my head.  They sounded like my voice, so I assumed the negative narrative was true.   The barrage of defeating messages like: you aren't that great at this or that, that person doesn't like you, or you aren't a good wife, mom or whatever other position I deeply desired to succeed at, came so often that I almost didn't even recognize they were there.   

I was then inspired to slow down and begin to take account of what I was feeling. I learned this reality:

  • What I believe leads to what I think;
  • what I think leads to what I feel;
  • And what I feel leads to how I act.  

I started noticing when I was feeling negative emotions like sadness, anger, fear, or anxiety.  By assessing the emotion, I could then trace it backward to the thought that had brought about the negative feeling.  From there, I could decide if the thought was true or just seemed true because it had passed through a diseased belief of mine.  This simple, but initially time-consuming process began to change my life.  I stopped allowing my emotions to control me and found that what I thought about or focused on, good or bad, showed up on my countenance.  

Recently, I began to learn that this barrage of negative messages is something that everyone experiences. What?!? In some strange way, it made me feel better to realize that people all throughout history have experienced this same stream of negativity in their heads.  It is like we each have this board of directors that likes to beat us down if we allow it to.  We each have a choice.  

It is those that take control of their internal board of directors and decipher the messages, holding onto the empowering thoughts and purging the disempowering thoughts, who live out their life visions.

Just a few days ago, I got an opportunity to interrupt some stickin thinkin coming from my board of directors, after a conversation I had that didn't go as well as I had hoped.  I felt the landslide of negative emotions taking over.  However, I had fallen into that pit of discouragement in that past and found the digging out process to be exhausting.  That pit isn't working for me anymore.  So, as soon as I noticed the negative emotions, I opened up a document and started getting the negativity out of my head and analyzing what was there.  I quickly began to purge the disempowering beliefs and choose empowering ones instead.  Within five minutes I was able to move on with my day and get back to pursuing my vision.  I will gladly exchange 2-3 days of despair for 5 minutes of self analysis and honesty.  I am so grateful for transformation!

A few days later, I got to hear this Podcast that articulated my experiences so well.  I thought you might enjoy it as well. 

In this episode of the This is Your Life Podcast, Michael and his co-host, Michele Cushatt, discuss how you can change your life by changing your story.

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