Showing Up Powerfully

When I start to think about examples of powerful people, the list seems to be endless, Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Billy Graham, Thomas Edison, Princess Diana, Mother Theresa.  Each of these people lived out what they believed and didn't apologize for it.  As they showed up full of power - believing in who they were, what they stood for, and what was possible if they followed their vision, they lived incredible lives and impacted millions of people along the way.  Their failures and loss made them that much more powerful.

I have recently become aware of the internal struggle within myself in regards to my power.  I looked at people like those listed above and had no issues seeing them as powerful. However, when I brought it closer to home and into my world, I saw people around me as either powerful or weak.  My experiences brought me to believe that powerful people controlled weak people.  In that belief, I found myself stuck because I didn’t want to be either powerful or weak.  I subconsciously had distorted the word powerful to mean controlling.

As my wounded belief is unraveling, I realize that to be powerful, simply means to be full of power.  If I compare that to the sun being fully bright, it is full of power or powerful.   When it is hiding behind the clouds, it is less powerful or powerless.  When it is powerful, it offers more light or life than when it's hidden.  I see how I can show up in contrasting ways myself.

When I believe in who I am and that my life is a gift, I offer the best version of myself to the world around me.  I am engaging, confident, energetic, strong, courageous, and creative.  I take responsibility for myself and can make adjustments when needed.  I am powerful.

However, when I start shaming myself and thinking I am bad, broken, or wrong or that life has passed me by, I offer a weak version of myself to the world around me.  I am withdrawn, indecisive, half-hearted, weak, afraid, and uninspired.  I have a hard time taking responsibility and find it easy to blame others and circumstances because I feel powerless.

It is shocking that such extreme ways of being can come from the same person.  And based on what is passing between my two ears, determines which version of me shows up.  It is, even more, amazing to realize whichever concept I believe produces more of it's kind.  As I show up powerfully, the more power or life I experience and my power grows.  On the other hand, when I do not believe in myself doubt and discouragement are produced, and I live deeper into the shame becoming more of the lies I am telling myself I am.

It seems so simple!  For me, the real battle lies in taking my thoughts captive.  Recognizing when the negative thought begins and stopping it before I entertain it and let it bring me to the place of wanting to hide.  It is choosing to trust my heart and not make excuses for who I am and what I feel.   Life is a gift, and I am committed to living each day to the fullest, power - ful!  

Julia Woods2 Comments