Simple Shifts Create Big Results. part 1

It feels as though the sun is rising in so many areas of our life.  It has been an amazing week of stepping into possibilities for myself, relationships with my family and friends, and for Beautiful Outcome.  

I am amazed at how it is small shifts that seem to make significant lasting changes.  Up until now, I recognize I have over complicated life by trying to figure out what was the big change I needed to make.  For example, my health.  Up until now, I have treated it like a yo-yo, bouncing back and forth between extreme highs and lows.  If I sense that I need to improve my health than I go on a cleanse, or I decide to put all these restrictions on myself of what I should or shouldn't eat. As of late, I have been processing small shifts like what is the one things I want to do to move towards my vision for health.  This week I have been amazed at what the simple thing of starting my day with a glass of water with a freshly squeezed lemon in it has made.  As I look back on what I have eaten this week, I have made pretty healthy choices without even trying it.  I recognize that I have craved salads over grains without consciously realizing I was choosing that.  It appears that doing the one small thing of drinking lemon water to start my day has created a domino effect in making other healthy choices.  Wow!! That is so much easier and simple than my typical (up until now) knee jerk reactions.  I can see that new possibilities are now possible as I think about what is the next choice I want to add this week to move towards my vision for health, vitality, and long life.

to be continued....

I am committing to adding some form of protein into my breakfast.  Would you be willing to share one thing you want to do this week to move towards your vision for your health?