The Power of A Voice

Five years ago, I took a step back as I realized I wanted to find myself.  It has been an adventure of tears and joy, pain and triumph.  An adventure I only wish I had done sooner.  I am so excited to be emerging with a new appreciation and respect for how my past has molded me and my voice.  I was recently encouraged by Ally Vesterfelt to enter into a writing assignment called I am from...  It seems unattractive and painful and yet I share it in hopes that as I find myself and my voice, I will inspire others to realize that their voice is one of a kind and powerful.

I am from...

I am from cleanliness and hand me downs.
I am from hot summers bike rides and cold winters snow forts.
I am from steak and potatoes and meals as a family.
I am from simple spaces and angry faces.
I am from Saturday cartoons and giggles as we gather on my parents bed.
I am from splurge Sunday's.
I am from weeping willow trees aka our stow away home on a dessert island.
I am from perfection and brokenness
I am from three whole glass of milk a day.
I am from long conversations.
I am from homemade cookies.
I am from hoping for a better tomorrow.

Sometimes it is the suffering more than the healing that is the catalyst for the greatest transformations in our lives.
— Ally Vesterfelt

If you are interested in entering into this exercise for yourself, here is the template to help you get started. 

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