The Gift of Inspiration

Some of the most impactful moments in life can come from sacrifice by taking time away from work, family, and the typical to gain a new perspective and consider what could be possible if we allowed ourselves to grow.  This week, I had the privilege of coming alongside 30 women on a quest for their beautiful outcome at two Beautiful Outcome workshops in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I experienced many gifts through my different emotions as I observed, shared, and experienced these ladies' ups and downs through their growth processes. 

While I would love to share every story with you, many of them are still unfolding, and I hope to share them in time.  For now, I want to share some of the moments and women that inspired me the most. 

Kristie silently inspired me with her drive, kindness, and eagerness to learn throughout the workshop. As the hours of the workshop passed, I loved the way she interacted with the "vision frame" project I had asked the ladies to participate in.  She thoughtfully wrote out words that express who she is committed to be in her life as a woman, wife, mother, entrepreneur, and creative.  The last part of the assignment was to go home and put a picture in the frame that would daily inspire her to choose her beautiful outcome.  She choose a photograph of her children.  

Dori has been in photography for over 25 years and yet she is still wanting to learn, grow, and continue to design her life.  I was inspired by her humility, willingness to believe, and her kind heart that reached out to others to encourage them along the way.

True servant-hood speaks so loudly to me and this week I got the gift of watching that come from Emily.  She jumped in and helped make this workshop come together and flow smoothly by taking care of the food pick up each day, food set up throughout the day, keeping the room tidy, taking care of James so Rebecca could be present, volunteering as a model with her amazing boyfriend Daniel, and anything else she was asked to do on whim.  I can't thank her enough for all of her hard work and love as she served us.

Jenny was scheduled to have a cesarean section less than 48 hours after she left this workshop.  She took the discomfort of sitting for 10 hours each day in the most uncomfortable time of pregnancy without one complaint.  Her determination to learn and design the life she wants for herself and her family as she continues to pursue photography with two children now was inspiring.  I am so excited to observe her pursuit of her Beautiful Outcome.

Annalisa experienced emotion from the moment the workshop began.  She wrestled with the fear of choosing to listen to her heart rather than the voice in her head that was encouraging her to let logic lead her and ignore her heart.  I got to witness first hand her choice to stay in the uncomfortable spot of curiosity and asking herself tough questions rather than making quick decisions. The greatest gift was experiencing her joy when clarity came.  By staying in the uncomfortable, the answer emerged, and she trusted her heart.  I am so excited to see what comes from these new possibilities.  

Throughout the two days of the workshop, Christina’s internal struggle to let her heart believe what was true about herself and her creative talent was evident.  I knew that she had a choice to believe in new possibilities or accept the messages that have been a very unkind friend to her up until now.  My heart was overcome with emotion as I experienced her courage rise as she said no to shame and yes to truth.  The gift she will be to her family and others by choosing truth will be impacting beyond her imagination.

During my twenty years of being an entrepreneur, I have often observed the difference between competitors that share with each other and those that try to self-protect by putting a guard up to keep competitors out.  I have personally chosen both of those approaches and learned a lot about sowing and reaping based on which one I choose. My heart in this workshop is to come along side of successful businesses and support them by elevating their community through education. I believe that if a group of competitors can recognize that there is strength in numbers, and as each one offers themselves as a resource to each other, “competition” takes a healthy back set to a strong and united community where everyone wins. When I came to Rebecca and Andrea with the opportunity of hosting Beautiful Outcome, they didn't hesitate for a second. They wanted to elevate their community and love on their “competitors” by offering them a workshop that would give them the knowledge to design a life worth living. Rebecca and Andrea's choice to sow into other business owners in their area and not make it about themselves is so inspiring. I believe that will create a beautiful harvest for not only themselves and their families, but for countless families in the Tulsa area as these women live from their hearts. Thank you girls for the love that you offer to so many.

Having a job that allows me to inspire others and be inspired at the same time is a job like no other. Thank you to each of the ladies that joined me at Beautiful Outcome.  Please follow your heart and design a life that is worth living. I am so excited about the future ahead for each one of you.


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