Join us for this Live 2.5 day Training - April 26&28th in Nashville, Tennesse and

Get the results you want while creating a life of meaning


It is easy to think in today’s world that we need accolades, status, material things, or success to make us happy. Yet, staggering numbers of people with those things are cutting their lives short. So what is missing? MEANING

How are you creating more meaning everyday in your relationships and work?


Step One

We help you get a clear vision of what a life of meaning would look like for you.


Step two

We equip you with tools that can open new ways of thinking, and being present each moment of your life, so you can create the life of meaning you want.


Step three

 We take you through exercises that allow you to immediately start using the tools and learning for yourself what works for you.

Co-Trained by Julia Woods & Dan Tocchini


Julia Woods - Trainer                   Founder of Beautiful Outcome

My journey to becoming a transformational coach & trainer is a winding one. As a portrait and wedding photographer, I built a thriving business and an internationally recognized brand. After twenty years of growth and success, I found myself at the highest levels of success within my industry but exhausted by the stress and lack of intimacy with the people that mattered most. I turned my focus to growing my relationship with myself and others and found a life I never knew was possible. It was truly a Beautiful Outcome! Through this transformation, I discovered the power of character growth and living intentionally. Out of that emerged my passion to stand with other creatives to find the same path to thriving in life and work and therefore founded Beautiful Outcome, a transformational coaching company..


Dan Tocchini - Master Trainer Founder of Blood & Ethos

I have spent the last 35 years as a transformationalist, developing executive leaders and their teams to produce high-performing cultures.I specialize in causing results through developing executive talent, implementing change initiatives, turnarounds, coaching & training startup teams, conflict resolution, and restructuring. 

Past Clients: Business Clients include Interstate Batteries, Tokyo Electron America, ESPN, The Disney Corporation, Microsoft, Seagate, The Grid, LesConcierges, Robert Young Vineyards, as well as a number of small businesses. Non-profit clients include, World Vision, The Cornerstone Project, Defy Ventures, Straight Ahead Ministries, Francisco Homes and Starfish Stories. Specialties: People & process development.

How much different will your life look one year from now if creating meaning is the foundation of everything you do at home and work?