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Julia Woods    

Founder, Transformational Coach    

journal junkie / adventure seeker / recovering carb addict / pursuer of intimacy / farmers market queen / explorer of beauty & nature

Tori Bradford

Transformational Coach, Editor, Writer

heart of a hippy on a beach / mind of an organizer / life full of love for people, animals, travel, & crafts / transformation at the center of it all / committed to be present in each moment / technology geek

Jeff Woods

Transformational Coach

unusually gifted napper / coffee snob / foodie / loves a good quote / has more shoes (and, possibly, clothes) than his wife


Heather Thames

Executive Assistant

chips & salsa lover / hospitality queen / organization addict / life traveler / exploring chef / i love lucy for laughs


Cathy Smith

 Social Media Manager/Communication Strategist

Lover of All Things Hearth and Home / Voracious Researcher & Detail Gatherer / Political Junkie / Complicated recipe enthusiast