Podcast #6 Creating A Powerful Vision

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If the life you long for were possible, would you want to know? I believe it is and it all starts with a Powerful Vision. Join me as I walk you through a real life application of the 5 Steps I use to create a Powerful Short-Term Vision. You can follow along with the steps I am covering using the written steps below.

Here are My 5 steps to Creating a Vision

  • Get Clear About What I Don’t Want

    • Let My Suffering Speak: Allow my current suffering to expose what I have in my life that I do not want.

    • Get Honest: Write in a free-flow approach, honestly expressing what isn’t working for me in my current reality.

  • Get Clear About What I Do Want

    • Turn It Around: If I could take what I don’t want and turn into what I do what, what would that be?

    • Get Honest: Write in a free-flow approach, honestly expressing what is that I long for.

  • What Character Development is Most Needed

    • What’s My Current Contribution: How am I currently showing up the is producing the very thing I don’t want? (Angry, Judgmental, Shut-Down, Blaming, Hopeless, Inconsistent, Resentful, Wishy-Washy, Self-Protecting, Arrogant...)

    • What Contribution is Needed? What way of being would be most resourceful from me to produce what I long for? (Peaceful, Neutral, Open, Responsibility Mindset, Hopeful, Consistent, Grace Filled, Committed, Surrendered, Humble…)

    • Create My Vision: Take what I most need to contribute and turn it into my vision: I am __________________(fill in the blank) I Get as specific as I can. (THIS IS NOW MY VISION)

  • Put a Stake in the Ground

    • Get Clear About A Deadline: By when will I call myself to produce this growth. (I use a short-term three months commitment)

    • Write that date next to my vision: I am ___________________ by ________

  • Be That Now

    • Start Living It Now: If I were living in my vision, how would I show up right now? What would I be doing at this moment to be who I say I am?

    • Committed Action Steps: Under my vision, I write down 4-6 action steps that I will start doing this week to show up in bringing about what I long for.

Keep Iterating: I grace myself to keep noticing what is working and what isn’t and create new action steps as needed.

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