Becoming New 8/15

Ready To Win At Home Like You Do At Work?

Are you an expert in your field, but struggling to find the formula for the matters of your heart?

Do any of these connect with where you find youself?

Succeeding in your profession, but feel dead inside

Have everything you are supposed to want but aren’t happy

Keep turning to work because you do it so well, but it isn't easing your aching inside

Your misery is currently a secret to most everyone including yourself - most of the time.

Life is not meeting your hopes and expectations.

There is Hope! You can create a life beyond your wildest imagination!



This 8-week multi-media course will you into the ongoing journey of becoming new.

Becoming New is about coming alive internally in a way that will transcend all previous experiences and bring excitement to the daily opportunities of continually becoming new.


Here are some results clients are having as they choose are becoming new:

An elite entrepreneur is allowing himself to work reasonable hours, finding a love he has never known at home, take care of himself and as a result, his business is having its largest growth and a powerful culture shift is occurring amongst his staff that is revolutionizing his company.  

A high profile marketing director of the fastest growing franchise in America is experiencing deep and meaningful relationships at home that are new rather than repeating her past. Her transformation is inspiring her to create a side venture which is getting national attention.  

A high preforming artist found a happiness she hadn't believe existed as an individual and spouse and is creating a non profit bringing freedom to those suffering from the pain that once controlled her life. 


Brooke said: As I have chosen transformation it has opened my eyes and heart to a new world of peace, joy, curiosity and zest for defining my life vision. I feel fundamentally different from the inside out and my life advantages continue to increase despite normal life obstacles that arise. 

Here is what we cover in this 8-week life changing course:

  • defining a vision of what winning looks like for you outside of work
  • getting clear on what is working and what isn’t in taking you towards your vision
  • create an action plan based on what is wanted and needed for you to move to the win you want
  • Your language and how it is creating your current reality
  • learn how you relate to yourself and how it is impacting how you relate to your life
  • open up resources through the power of feedback
  • learn to face what arises in your daily life and embrace the opportunity of becoming new
  • learn how what is working at work is potentially getting in your way at home
  • celebrate your momentary win and get up to the next opportunity of becoming new

Anticipated Arrival: October 2016

Hosted by Julia Woods

Transformation Coach & Creative Entrepreneur

Julia created and owned an internationally sought after portrait and wedding photography and educators with her husband, Jeff for over 20 years.  

As their success grew, they found themselves becoming more dissatisfied with life each year. They began their transformational journey and found a life beyond their wildest imagination. It required tough choices which included sellling the business, their dream home, and most everything they owned to follow their hearts to the west coast and new beginnings in their professions.

Julia knew that she wanted to create an impact larger than herself by standing with others in experiencing their transformation. She founded Beautiful Outcome where she works with individuals and businesses, coachint them to their life worth living.

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