Success is the result of making wise investments, and there is no wiser investment than investing in people. And by the way, real success never happens alone. If you are successful, you should be equally grateful. All great lives are the product of the great investment of others. If there is a hero within you that must be awakened it is this one—the one I call the Romantic
— Erwin McManus

Our Story

We,  Jeffrey and Julia Woods have owned our own photography business for over 20 years.  In that time we have photographed weddings, portraits, commercial, as well as educating photographers around the world.  Much of that education centered around helping photographers to keep their family first while balancing the demands of their business.  As we lived out that commitment in our own lives, we were faced with making a lot of tough decisions.  We realized that life and career opportunities are full of good things, but we were committed to living not for what was good, but for what is great.  In order to do that, we choose to dig deep inside and deal with limitations from our past that we were carrying with us into our future.  We took some risky moves which included Jeff leaving the photography business and beginning a new adventure as he faced some of the resentments he had let build up through the challenging times our industry currently faces.  Julia faced her achieving addiction that drew her to work more than what was healthy.  As we faced those issues by seeking help and truth, we are growing into an authentic way of approaching life that we never knew existed.  Our marriage is more life producing and healthier and we are able to be much more present in our children's lives. We are learning that life is a short journey and each day is meant to be lived fully alive!

What we have achieved over the years.

  • Named one of the top performing studios for PPA year after year. 
  • Top Ten wedding photographers in the world by American Photo Magazine nominee
  • Kodak Gallery award winners 10 times
  • Fuji Masterpiece Award winner 15 times
  • Platform speakers  at WPPI and IUSA.
  • Keynote Speakers at ASIA Imaging
  • Keynote Speakers at FHOX in Brazil
  • Official Spokeperson for Canon USA
  • Adobe Evangelist for LightRoom Launch
  • Writers of four photo books published by Amhearst Media.
  • Having 4 wonderful kids and a dog named Wrigley.